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goodcow's livejournal


19 August 1984
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Sometimes eccentric. Potentially annoying. Apparently amusing to others. Vegetarian. Inquisitive. Has been called a "tall, lanky bastard." Dorky/Geeky/Nerdy, whatever. Technologically savy, yet has difficulty building simple things involving real tools. The bookshelf almost crushed me. :( DAMN YOU, WOOD!!!

Perfers satire and comedy to seriousness. Makes movies about cardboard boxes named The Corrugator that kill people, in turn becoming cardboard boxes themselves, and videogame parodies with stuffed animal cows like Metal Cow Solid. Has more wacky ideas in his easy bake oven of a mind. Wait, what?

Orders nearly everything from Amazon.com. Has a friend that speaks Japanese. Clearly that makes me cooler than you. I want to visit Japan. :( I also wish Sega wasn't crap anymore. I miss the Dreamcast-era Sega. :(

Graduated this semester from Hunter College with a B.A. in Media Studies, followed by ... UNEMPLOYMENT! YEAH!!! No, no, I currently work for the city eating your tax money, doing digital video production and managing a computer lab. Also trying to figure out what to do with the game of life. I'd love to become, say, a producer for a show like 24, but that's just a tad difficult to actually do, you know? I've also shot on film, but 22 cents a second for black and white wasn't really appealing... HD DIGITAL UP IN HERE, YO'.

Likes the look of cows, and the whole spots thing, but obviously can't own one in Manhattan, so I have a cat instead which I adopted from the Humane Society. He's awesome. More awesome than you. Maybe. Probably. OHHHHHHHHHH, BURNNNNNNNNNNN.

Aspire to do something in the entertainment and media field in the future... though what, I don't know yet... enjoy editing, cinematography, and directing...